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One of the principles of the american dream is owning your own home.  In today's volatile economy, however that dream can often times be intimidating or even out right scary.  Thankfully, there is someone who will stand by your side while you make the biggest decision of your life.  Whether you are thinking about buying, selling or renting the home of your dreams, Robyn Taylor is there to help you.  Robyn's interest in real estate started long before she received her sales license in 1997.  Before starting her extensive career as a real estate broker, Robyn, along with her husband, bought, sold and renovated many homes.  Since then, Robyn has built a reputation as one of Carbon 
       Robyn Taylor           County's most distinguished and honored brokers.  Robyn is a 
      Broker/Owner           Graduate of the Realtor Institute and received her broker education in 1999.  In 2001 and 2010 Robyn was recognized by her peers by being named Carbon County Realtor of the year.  Robyn is a Certified Residential Specialist and is a former President of the Carbon County Board of Realtors. In an effort to provide customers with quality service and top tier experience, Robyn opened Sage Creek Realty, Inc. in 2007 in the heart of downtown Rawlins.  Robyn and her staff stand ready and willing to work for you to ensure you American dream comes true.   You can email me at robyn@sagecreek-realty.com

Alyssa Stolns knew early on that a career in Real Estate was a path that she wanted to take, so while a High School senior she obtained her Real Estate License in 2005.  As soon as she was eligible in 2007 Alyssa continued her education by obtaining her Associate Broker license.  Alyssa has lived in Rawlins for 19 years,and was always around Real Estate growing up because her parents were constantly renovating homes. With that knowledge, as well as the knowledge gained from attending classes, her experiences, her peers along with new technology Alyssa brings innovative ways to benefit buyers and sellers to reach their goals. 
You can email me at alyssa@sagecreek-realty.com

        Alyssa Stolns
     Associate Broker

Jenn Russell has deep roots in the community of Rawlins.  She has lived here all of her life and much of her family still remains in the area.  Jenn has been a licensed real estate agent with Sage Creek Realty since 2007.  Her strong desire to provide excellent customer service is her primary goal with everyone that she serves.
You can email me at jenn@sagecreek-realty.com
  Jenn Rothenberger
    Associate Broker

As a child Valery was always exposed to both commercial and residential real estate through her father who was a commercial architect and her uncle who was a real estate investor. She learned through her father a tremendous amount of the construction industry and an appreciation for design.  After gaining the necessary business skills Valery went on to acquire properties to rehabilitate, where she could better utilize her knowledge and passion for design.  Valery was extremely successful in making profitable deals while being a real estate investor buying, selling and habilitating homes. Valery made the transition from investor to Realtor in 2008 and was honored with Rookie Of The Year for Carbon County.   Valery believes real estate is about networking, bringing people together and knowing the needs and goals of her clients to bring a successful end to 
        Valery Bentin            the transaction.
      Sales Associate         
 You can email me at valery@sagecreek-realty.com                                        

Dawn obtained her real estate license in the fall of 2005. While starting out in a previous office she worked hard to graduate from the Top Gun Academy and receive her Relocation Specialist Designation. Since then she has continued her education with classes such as Practical Navigation for Realtor Land Institute, Introduction to Real Estate Auction, and obtained her EcoBroker Designation.  Dawn chose to pursue Real Estate as a career because many members of her family were involved in Real Estate through out the Pacific Northwest Dawn loves architecture and helping clients find that one home or 
         Dawn Yutzy            investment that will suit their needs and make them happy. When 
     Associate Broker         Dawn first moved to Wyoming she and her family lived in a motel for 5 weeks waiting for their perfect home to close, so she can relate to those who are relocating. “It’s a magic moment when your clients find the perfect home and you see their faces light up with the excitement of reaching their dream.”  Dawn specializes in land, investment, and relocation contracts. Dawn has previously worked in a law office, as a dental office manager, and in a technology department for the State of Oregon teaching Microsoft Office and other computer classes. Other educational experience includes Business Computer Training Institute, and University of Idaho. 
Dawn believes that community service is very important and has volunteered for a number of organizations such as, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Chamber of Commerce, Rawlins Main Street, Farmers Market participant and her local church.   Dawn’s goals are to continue her education through obtaining her Brokers License, Certified Residential Specialist designation and to become an Accredited Land Consultant through the Realtor Land Institute; as well as further community development targeting Smart Growth in our county.  Dawns hobbies include enjoying the great outdoors year-round, camping, hiking, fishing, photographing wildlife, and bow hunting.  Other hobbies include remodeling rentals and homes with her husband and maintaining a small bakery. You can email me at dawn@sagecreek-realty.com

Veronica believes whether you are an experienced home buyer or shopping for your first home the experience should be the best it can possibly be.  Veronica is not just any real estate agent she carries the REALTOR mark.  REALTORS carry a higher level of knowledge and experience than required, and must adhere to the best professional practices when dealing with your real estate needs. As Carbon County Board of Realtors People's Choice Winner in 2009, Carbon County Board of Realators President in 2012, and Carbon County Realtor of the Year in 2012 Veronica's focused approach to her customers and clients makes her a great choice for your trusted professional real estate partner.

      Veronica Pell
    Associate Broker